Ewon Flexy 205 Remote Data

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Ewon Flexy205 IIoT Gateway and Remote Access Router 

with VPN Connectivity is a compact modular gateway for collecting Remote Data and providing Remote Access to your industrial equipment. With a configurable WAN/LAN switch, this gateway offers a wide range of extension cards to best fit your application and is perfect for data-intensive applications.

Whether your requirements are to: create alarms, monitor dashboards, collect data for machine performance analysis, or even other advanced solutions.

*This price on the website does not include external cards.
**For additional cards, please contact us for a quotation


  • Ethernet 4x10/100Mb (Configurable LAN/WAN)
  • Firewall friendly outbound connection
  • Standard ports used: 443 (HTTPS), 1194 (UDP)
  • Historical logging : 1 million time-stamped option
  • Possible to configure the Digital Inputs to control internet connection with external key switch or to send alarm notification
  • SD card reader
  • Input/Output 2xDI,1xDO
  • USB connectivity for micro-PLCs
  • 12-24 VDC power supply and DIN rail mount
  • Temperature range: -25 °C to +70 °C


The security of Ewon’s solution is regularly audited by independent organizations and has obtained the ISECOM STAR and ISO 27001 certifications.


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