Z920K-Series RS485-Child Wireless Mesh Converter

Z920K-Series RS485-Child Wireless Mesh Converter

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ZZOTECH Z920K series are able to easily wireless those messy RS485 wirings for Industrial IoT, smart building or other IoT applications. Z920K-P/Z920K-C support Modbus/RTU or ASCII code, and feature a low power consumption, long-range and robust wireless mesh links. Z920K 920Mhz radio frequency has a strong capability to desensitize with interferes to make it as a perfect solution for a wireless data transferring. The main advantage of Z920K application is that the original control/data collect systems and sensing equipment can be kept to save cost and time for a mesh network establish. Z920K wireless is designed with an OKI MH920 module to remain all of the advantages of OKI Smart Hop. Z920K can be easily and widely used for the different IOT applications.

Model name : Z920K-RS485-CH-EXA (Child)

Vendor name : Zotech Co., Ltd.

Specification : 

  • Compatible with IEEE 802.15.4g
  • Protocol : Modbus-RTU/ASCII code
  • Topology MESH : Max 16 hops
  • Network Accommodation : Max 1001 nodes
  • Radio frequency band : 920MHz
  • Transmit bandwidth : 400KHz
  • Max receiver sensitivity : -103 dBm
  • Maximum data rate : 100 kbps
  • Modulation : GFSK
  • Encryption : 128bits AES(MAC)
  • Power Consumption : 50mA@24Vdc
  • Transmit output power : 0.16mW/ 1mW/ 20mW
  • Outdoor range : 500m (at a visible direct line)
  • External antenna : 920-925Mhz/+3dBi
  • Windows Utility : Micro-USB
  • Operating Temperature : -20℃~+70℃, Humidity 20~85% RH
  • Mechanical : 12cm/6cm/2.5cm (L/W/H)
  • NBTC SDoC applied

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